The course that will help you build


This is the only program in Israel designed to teach you how to develop a strong, unbreakable mindset, just like an IDF soldier in wartime. Whether you lack confidence or struggle with fear and internal pressure, this course is for you


My goal is to help build mental resilience for everyone on the home front and across Israel. This program, the only one of its kind in Israel, aims to make mental resilience accessible to as many people as possible, truly fostering a warrior's mindset in every individual

Are you exhausted by the constant uncertainty during wars, disease outbreaks, or economic crises? Are you up at night bothered by questions like

If talking to friends, seeing a psychologist, or trying meditation and breathing workshops haven't helped you gain control over your emotions and you're still overwhelmed by fear and worry, this program is for you. It will help you manage uncertainty and ease the pressure on your family

Following the events of October 7th, we are all living in complete uncertainty across all areas of life, with no clear end in sight, likely extending through 2024

After two and a half months on reserve duty, including a month and a half inside Gaza, I, along with my fellow fighters, had to battle not only the enemy but also the overwhelming uncertainty

From the moment we received the emergency call-up order (Tzav 8), there was a palpable sense of dread. We didn't fully understand what was happening, and this unease persisted until the very moment of ground entry. I was gripped by real fear, unsure of what the next step would be. We were all caught in a whirlwind of absolute uncertainty about everything happening around us

It started with arriving at the base and donning our uniforms. We didn't even have time to zero our weapons before boarding an open "Humvee" towards Be'eri, with a round in the chamber. For hours, we scanned and searched for terrorists to clear the area

during this time, so many
questions came up for me


How do you process the magnitude of the situation we are in


?How do you deal with fear


How do I now - Itamar Hayun, start preparing myself to enter Gaza

In the midst of these thoughts, I realized I had to


From the first day we entered, I began to investigate: What truly sustains the fighters? What fuels their strong spirit and tremendous mentality, even in such harsh conditions? I sought to understand what drives them to wake up each morning with strength and a sense of mission, leaving behind their wives, families, and businesses to fight the enemy

After many questions and internal investigation



Through this period of constant learning about my team members and myself along with the tools and mindset we developed, we decided to share these secrets with all of Israel. Our goal is to help as many people as possible learn how to
Deal with uncertainty
Continue to function under pressure and fear
Build for themselves a warrior's mindset



Decision-Making Skills: Learn to make decisions like a military commander during times of crisis and uncertainty

True Mental Resilience: Develop mental resilience to withstand stress and anxiety in any situation, whether during war, a pandemic, or other crises

Self-Awareness and Control:Gain a deep understanding of your body and soul, mastering self-awareness and control

Control Under Pressure: No more freezing in place or succumbing to pressure—you'll have complete control in any situation

Each lesson includes practical assignments to reinforce your learning


Without waiting for anyone’s approval


Without ever reaching a state of paralyzing fear again


Without freezing in place and waiting for someone to save you


?So why should you listen to me at all For those who don’t know me yet, nice to meet you! My name is Itamar Hayun and I am a Combat soldier and reservist, podcaster, author, and coach in Israel

I've spent over a decade researching mindset across various fields—from military service to sales in major U.S. companies, and coaching business owners in Israel and worldwide

Through my coaching program, I have helped clients

Improve their quality of life drastically "from end to end" thanks to the work on their mindset

Build a strong mindset and cognitive change – which transformed their lives

I've been a guest on numerous podcasts, discussing how to build a champion’s mindset, business strategies, methods of operation, critical mistakes, and simple actions needed for real personal and professional results

The core of my coaching program is a deep emphasis on mindset, which is the true "game changer." Everything starts and ends in the mind

Honestly, I thought I had seen and researched it all—until the past three months, when I had the privilege of serving as a guardian of Israel and participating in combat. This gave me a tremendous opportunity to study the warriors' mindset, which is an entirely different world

Now, it's your time to take responsibility. You are about to receive the only course in Israel designed to build a strong mindset like that of an IDF warrior. Take advantage of the immense power in this course. Apply the lessons, complete the assignments, and invest your time in it. Start now and take the first step in changing your life forever

Because only together will we win

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